The Beauty Way

by The Beauty Way

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The Beauty Way's first official album!


released 28 March 2014

The Beauty Way is
Jim Bouchard: electric and acoustic guitars, ukulele, harmonica, vocals
Cate O’Connell: lap steel and electric guitars, vocals
Peter D’Angelo: drums and percussion
Sev Grossman: electric bass
All songs arranged by The Beauty Way
Recorded live at Dimension Sound, Jamaica Plain, MA
by Dan Cardinal, January 10, 11 and 12, 2014
Assistant engineering by Ariel Bernstein
Mixed by Dan Cardinal at Dimension Sound
Ariel Bernstein on bongos on Stop

with additional overdubs recorded at home:
Gray Bouchard; backing vocals
This Type of Light, Jim on keyboards
All Over The Map, Jim on glockenspiel (+melodica on instrumental)
Didn’t It Rain and Way Down In The Hole, Jim on organ
Stop, Jim on banjo and charango
I Was So Wrong, Jim on baritone ukulele

cover art by Andrea Tamkin, logo design by Cate, graphic design by Jim



all rights reserved


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The Beauty Way Boston, Massachusetts

From Waltham and Jamaica Plain, MA
Americana rock featuring lap steel and ukulele in addition to piano electric guitar bass and drums

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Track Name: Sixes and Sevens
Sixes and Sevens by Jim Bouchard ©2011

You sit and listen to the clock tick
Hands crawl as the seconds slip
You told yourself you wouldn’t let
Another day go by
He said this was something special
But now you’re in a fine fettle
Since it seems he’d rather settle
Into just letting it ride

So now you’re at SIXES AND SEVENS
Why does this feel so unresolved?

Say babe can’t you put it in gear?
If you don’t I’m out of here
I can’t wait for you to reappear
Everytime you choose to hide

A slow pace will drag us both down
I don’t know if I can hang around
While you take your time hitting the ground
The world is rushing by

So now we’re at SIXES AND SEVENS
Wondering how it will turn out?

Life is short – it’s hard to figure
The goals you had – just get bigger
No sense in wasting – anytime …….. anytime
Track Name: Beauty Way
Beauty Way
Eliza Gilkyson and Mark Andes

My father made a pretty damn good living
Playing music on the Beauty Way
He’s gonna die with some [E]money in his pocket
Wish I could do the same [C#m]today little darl[E]ing
Wish I could do the [C#m]same today

Doe eyed kid and a little transistor
Tuned into Wolfman Jack
I picked up a guitar heard the sirens whisper
And I never looked back little darling
And I never looked back

I worked the clubs along the Sangre de Cristos?
Polished the diamond in the rough
By the time I hit L.A. I was hotter than a pistol
But you’re never hot enough little darling
You never really hot enough

I felt the lights on the big, big stages
The fire burning in my soul
I’ve had those nights when my guitar rages
But it’s not something you control little darling
It’s not something you control

Redtail diving for a rat on Sunset
Coyote picking through the trash
Oh I wish I was lying like a cat in the sun
'stead of working like a dog for the cash little darling
I’m only working for the cash

Sometimes I wish I could unplug this cord
And my soul or my money I could save
Oh but every time I say I’m gonna quit the Beauty Way
I hear my bones just turning in their grave little darling
Bones turning in their grave
Track Name: All Over The Map
All Over The Map
by Jim Bouchard

I’ve been alone
Too many times, I’ve never known
Where I am and what I do
Doesn’t mean a tIhing if I don’t have you

I’m all over the map
The best intentions fell into my lap
So I maintain

If it seems that there’s a crack
In the veneer, it’ll pass
I’m on a cliff over the edge
Smack in the middle, top of my head

I’m all over the map
So many times, got a free pass
So I maintain

And every time we twist and turn
in every corner there’s something learned
and in all these things you say to me
I’ve [always gotten a sense of security

I’ve been alone
Too many times, I’ve never known
Where I am and what I do
Doesn’t mean a tIhing if I don’t have you
Track Name: Where I Came In
This is where I came in
Jim Bouchard ©2011

This is where I came in
the mess I got myself into
shaped by where I been,
I manage to muddle on through
Can’t say I’ve got a crystal ball,
I don’t know how it’ll work out
But I’ll be fair with you all,
of that you need not doubt

But this is where I came in,
just before it all goes south
Don’t know why I had to butt in,
and open up my big stupid mouth
I was born with a song in my heart,
that spills out in an unpleasant bray
But I can't keep quiet sometimes
So I pay for the things I say

Somehow the wheel turns 'round
Comes back to where it all begins
Easier to sit one out
Watch as it all spins

This is how I came in,
most likely be the way I go out
Just when things are looking grim,
don’t hesitate to give a shout
I am just an average man,
no special talent to speak of
But I do the best I can,
to step up when push comes to shove

Somehow the world turns ‘round
As the sun shines on all above
Gravity barely holds me down
As the shady side is lighted by love

But this is where I came in...
Track Name: Here Come those Tears Again
Here Come those Tears Again
by Jackson Browne and Nancy Farnsworth

Here come those tears again
Just when I was getting over you
Just when I was gonna make it through
Another night without missing you
Thinking I might just be strong enough after all
When I hear those footsteps echoing in the hall

Baby here we stand again
Like we did so many times before
Even though you looked so sure
As I was watching you walking out my door
But you always walk back in like you did today
Acting like you never even went away

Well I don't know if I can open up and let you in, babe
Here come those tears again

I can hear you telling me
How you needed to be free
And you had some things to work out alone
Now you're standing here telling me
How much you have grown

Well I don't know if I can Open up and let you in baby
Here come those tears
Here come those tears

Maybe some other time
When I'm strong and I'm feeling fine
When I can look at you without crying.
You might look like a friend of mine

But I don't know if I can open up and let you in baby
Here come those tears
Here come those tears
Here come those tears again
Track Name: Late At Night
Late At Night
©Jim Bouchard

Late at night I stay up
and listen while the house falls asleep
It settles in with its creaks and groans
and I wonder what is wrong with me
that I should be so restless
when my home is whispering peace
something I left undone today
just won’t let me be

I swept the floor and I did the dishes
and then I read a little bit
I looked around as the day faded
and I wonder how I ended up with all this shit
It’s not that I’m the kind of guy
that values having the most things
When all I’ve gotten just burdens me
and just won’t let me be

So when all around me all I hear is
the murmuring of the deepening night
I trace the edges of my day and wonder
if by chance I’ve done something right...
When exhaustion fails to encircle me
in its embrace of oblivious rest
If all has failed to go perfectly
at least I’ve done my best
Track Name: I Was So Wrong
I Was Wrong
©Kelli King & Jim Bouchard

I was so wrong, ……to do what I did
to say what I said…I was wrong

I was so wrong……Isn’t that what you say
when things go astray….. “I was wrong”?

I was a fool to think that you would stay
not even a fool
deserves to be treated that way

I was so wrong…. I was selfish, I was cruel
not thinking about you,
I was wrong

(spoken verse)
I was so wrong, baby….. I guess I’m in the doghouse now
if you’d let me back in I’d apologize… there’s no explanation….And I'm so sorry now

and sorry doesn’t cut it when there’s no apology
that can undo the heartache caused by me

I was so wrong……… as you walk away
the last thing I’ll say was wrong
Track Name: Stop
Joe Henry

Don't tell me to stop
Tell the rain not to drop,
Tell the wind not to blow...
Cause you said so;
Tell me love isn't true;
It's just something we do,
Tell me everything I'm not…
But don't tell me to stop
Tell the sun not to shine;
Not to get up this time,
Let it fall by the way, …
Leave me where I lay;
Tell the leaves not to turn;
But don't tell me I'll learn,
Take the black off a crow;
But don't tell me to go

Tell the bed not to lay,
Like the mouth of a grave,
Not to stare up at me,
Like a calf on it's knees;
Tell me love isn't true;
It's just something we do,
Tell me everything I'm not…
But don't tell me to stop
Track Name: This Type of Light
This Type of Light
by Jim Bouchard ©2011

This type of light puts it all into perspective
In the angle of the sun as it descends behind the curve
There’s a tint in the atmosphere makes me realize you’re not here
and it might just be the color strikes a nerve

I don’t know what it is about this type of light
maybe it’s the way it signals the coming night

This type of light makes it easy to lose things
As you shade your eyes to avoid the glare
There’s always something I miss, and maybe it’s just this
In the glow reminds me that you’re not there

And I don’t know what it is about this type of light
maybe it’s the way it signals the coming night

and it's everywhere at one time
take my hand and we'll get through the coming night
Track Name: Way Down In The Hole
Way Down In The Hole
Tom Waits

If you walk through the garden,
you gotta watch your back
Well I beg your pardon,
walk the straight and narrow track
If you walk with jesus,
he’s gonna save your soul
You gotta keep the devil
Way down in the hole

He’s got the fire and the fury,
at his command
Well you don’t have to worry,
if you hold on to jesus hand
We’ll all be safe from satan
When the thunder rolls
Just gotta help me keep the devil
Way down in the hole

All the angels sing
about jesus’ mighty sword
And they’ll shield you with their wings,
n' keep you close to the lord
Don’t pay heed to temptation
For his hands are so cold
You gotta help me keep the devil
Way down in the hole